Common Causes of Ankle Pain

Common Causes of Ankle Pain

What Are the Possible Causes of Your Ankle Pain?

Been too adventurous in sports, or started wearing those stiletto heels? Slipped on the stairs or been driving long? Whatever the reason, the worst affected part of your body is your ankle. The ankle is one joint in your body that supports your entire body, and bears your weight!

Ankle pain can be annoying, irritating and unbearable! Ankle pain can be due to stress, trauma, or due to a lifestyle choice. While you may just brush off the issue with a painkiller, and a band, ankle pain when neglected can lead to lifelong issues.

When Gurmeet started jogging like he does every day, he did not notice anything unusual. After a few 100 meters, he felt a pinprick sensation in his ankle. Ignoring it and feeling the great breeze of the morning, he pushed ahead. The was the worst thing he could have done that day.

A few meters later, he suddenly collapsed as his ankle could not support him any longer. He waited for the fellow joggers to help him to a place where he could sit. Getting back to his car and driving home was very tough and he had to take the help of two friends. He went straight to the hospital where he had an X-ray and the doctor advised a week’s bed rest.

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