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Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Cancer

5 months ago

Going by the research on the genetics of cancer, we may get to the conclusion that some people are just fated for the disease. While this can be true ...

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6 Tips to Keep Cancer at Bay

6 months ago

Cancer is the worst nightmare anyone can ever see. The mere thought of the disease can send chills down spines. Medical professionals have spent several years researching on different ...

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A Healthy Monsoon for the Mom-To-Be

6 months ago

The onset of monsoon indicates cool showers, refreshingly breezy days and the invigorating promise of an enjoyable season. If you’re an expecting mom this rainy season, it calls for ...

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World Hepatitis Day

7 months ago

World Hepatitis Day is observed on 28th July in the memory and respect of Dr. Baruch Samuel Blumberg, person who identified Hepatitis B Virus and later developed its diagnostic ...

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Get more from Life with Age Management

7 months ago

Show me one person who is not willing to look younger and prettier than they are and I will show you a flying unicorn. To look good is a ...

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What To Eat When You Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

8 months ago

Inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) is a group of chronic inflammations that affects all or part of your digestive tract. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the principal types of inflammatory ...